Crónicas de Eurofestivais: How did your career started?

Anmary: I’ve loved music since my childhood. I studied at a music school as a kid. When I grew up, I decided to learn more about singing thus I studied classical and jazz singing, and became a vocal teacher myself. My participation in Talantu Fabrika (it is something like X Factor, Idol) could be considered as a breakpoint in my career – it gave me more stage experience and publicity.

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: Who are your musical inspirations and what kind of music do you generally listen to?

Anmary: Oh, I like all kinds of music. It can be pop, soul, r’n’b - you name it, I listen to it! But since the day I’ve heard Whitney Houston singing   “I will always love you”, I could not stop admiring her. She has been my idol since then.  I like also Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Tina Turner.

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: Are you a regular follower of Eurovision, an ESC-fan? It has been a dream to go to Eurovision to represent your country?

Anmary: Yes, I think that every musician who has participated in the national selections dreams about performing their song on the big Eurovision stage. I am so happy, excited and proud that Beautiful Song has been voted to represent Latvia in Baku. Of course, it is an enormous responsibility, but we have a great team, your support and a beautiful song – we will make it a big known hit!  Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest competition in popular music in Europe. I have been following it since Latvia took part in 2000. Dana International, Ruslana, ABBA, Olsen Brothers are among my favorites.

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: What's the song that has marked you most in the history of Eurovision?

Anmary: To my mind Waterloo by ABBA is one of the best Eurovision songs ever! It’s been years since it won, but the people still know the song and sing it along.

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: About your song, what could you tell us about it?

Anmary: Well, Beautiful Song is like a story of my life, your life, and our dreams.  Everyone sometimes dreams of becoming successful and famous. I think the authors of the song have done a great job. Rolands Udris has written the lyrics which need to be taken with a dash of sense of humor, but Ivars Makstnieks’ music makes you to hum the song all day long. I bet you are humming it now, aren’t you?

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: About your performance in May, do you have something already planned?

Anmary: All I can say is that the performance is going to differ from the ones you have seen in the Latvian semifinal and final. There will be four back vocalists with me on the stage. And I promise, we will make you feel like our song is your song as well. Our aim is to send all our positive thoughts and vibes to you, the audience, and we hope that you will feel it.

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: What would be your feelings if Latvia is one of the 10 qualifiers on semi-final 1?

Anmary: I would not say it would be a dream to come true. No! We do not dream about it! We are working hard to be in the final – it is our aim! J Yes, we would be the happiest team at the moment when the hosts announce Latvia to go to the final.

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: Consider you winning the great final of Eurovision 2012, what would it mean for you?

Anmary: It would mean that you would hear Beautiful Song a lot more. Not only on the radio, and in the show’s day. It would be heard on your bus stop, you would hear it when you open the cereal box for breakfast… I am kidding a little bit now. If Latvia won Eurovision 2012, it would be, first of all, very historical and symbolic because it was exactly ten years ago when Marie N brought the victory for Latvia.

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: Have you heard any of the other songs in competition? What’s your favorite?

Anmary: I have heard some of the songs, but not all of them. I have some favorites among them, but it would be unfair to mention them. At first I have to listen to all the songs. But so far, I can tell you that there is a great variety of songs this year. Each and every of them is a worthy winner.

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: What do you think about the song that Portugal will send to the Eurovision ("My Life" by Filipa Sousa)?

Anmary: As most often, Portugal offers a nice song. Your singers have so nice voices!

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: After Eurovision, do you have any projects?

Anmary: At this moment, me and the whole team are focusing on a successful start at Eurovision. Whatever projects the future brings us, we will accept them gladly. Yes, I am working and I will work on recording new songs. But I think the first thing I would do after the contest is that I would rush to home, hug and spend some quality time with my 2 year old son. I already know I would miss him during Eurovision weeks.

Crónicas de Eurofestivais: Would you like to return one day to Eurovision?

Anmary: Yes, why not? Eurovision is a great chance and honor to represent my country.

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