Crónicas de Eurofestivais: First of all, I would like to thank you for accepting this interview to Crónicas de Eurofestivais. I would like to talk to you about your participation on Eurovision in May, but let’s start with your career.

CE: How did your career started?
Sofi Marinova: I was 14 years old there was a celebration in Etropole, the town I was born. I remember that an orchestra was playing when my mother asked me to sing a song. I've s...ang a Serbian song, Serbian music was very popular then. People, who was walking around wondered who could sing this and just came to listen how I was singing. In the end they were very enthusiastic and I've god many applauses. I felt kind of special.

CE: Who are your musical inspirations and what kind of music do you generally listen to?
SM: I like listening to all styles of music - I've been raised with Bulgarian pop music - Lili Ivanova -the most famous Bulgarian singer ever is still my favourite singer. I also like pop-folk, that's the style I like to sing the most. Together with my son Lorenzo we are big fans of Michael Jackson.
CE: Are you a regular follower of Eurovision, an ESC-fan? It has been a dream to go to Eurovision to represent your country?
SM: Of course, I'm a big fan of Eurovision. It really was my biggest dream to sing at the Eurovision stage. I tried the very first year when Bulgaria participated; we were together with Slavi Trifonov in a duet with the ethno-ballad ''Edinstveni''. After that in 2007 I tried again with the rapper Ustata. We even sang our song in Russian in the final, the year when Elitsa and Stoyan won – we finished in 3rd place. Now I'm happy - I participated again with an amazing song and I won! I am really the happiest person ever!

CE: What's the song that has marked you most in the history of Eurovision?
SM: I love ballads - mostly my own ballads. That's the reason I also like the ballads of Eurovision. I remember Vania Fernandes back in 2008, she had a visit in Bulgaria then and I really liked her. I like fado, there is a lot of passion, talent and techniques, that's music for real singers. I also like the songs of Chiara from Malta and Zeljko Joksimovic from Serbia, Hara Mata Hari from Bosnia and Herzegovina - their amazing ballads. I like Elena Paparizou, Ruslana, I really love the Bulgarian song Voda, of course our last song Na Inat. I almost cried when I saw her performance. She made me proud, now I hope I will perform even better, because we have to be better and better.
CE: About your song, what could you tell us about it?
SM: My song is called 'Love Unlimited'. It's about love in it's pure form - love for your mother, love for your child, for your family, for your special person, for your friends. The authors of the song are Yasen Kozev and Krum Georgiev, the lyrics wrote Doni Vasileva. They suggested me to sing it, but it is very different from my usual songs and I wondered what to do with the song. I had it in my cell phone almost for 6 months until my producer proposed the idea for Eurovision and I was very happy, of course, you know me if it's for Eurovision it's my pleasure.

CE: About your performance in May, do you have something already planned?
SM: We are working very hard, together with my team of stylists, my director, everybody. I have many ideas, but I can't tell you, because it's a secret, I 'd like to, but as I like to tell everything when they ask me, this time it's forbidden but it will be something great, I really can't wait. The official video will be ready very soon, it's about 5 stories of love, and it’s a really beautiful video. I'm like a symbol of love in it.

CE: What would be your feelings if Bulgaria is one of the 10 qualifiers on semi-final 2?
SM: I would be the happiest person in the world! I dream for this moment, I really wish for it to become true. I pray to God every day to be a part of the great final and to success there. I will have my son with me in Baku - he is 9 years old and he will be my talisman. He brings me a lot of luck.

CE: Consider you winning the great final of Eurovision 2012, what would it mean for you?
SM: I will be so happy if Bulgaria win. I would jump to the stars and I would be very enthusiastic that I even could cry. I cried when I won in Bulgaria, just imagine for there ha-ha! All Bulgarians would be so happy if I bring the Eurovision in Sofia. You will see how beautiful my country is. I dream for this moment, I wish for that dream to become true.

CE: Have you heard any of the other songs in competition? What’s your favourite?
SM: I still don't have my favourite - I'm gonna decide after the rehearsals - how everybody sing, what they do and then I will decide for me. I watched the videos of all participants on Internet, there are lots of good songs, very different and interesting. I hope the best will win, it's about the public, they decide. The one they like the most.

CE: What do you think about the song that Portugal will send to the Eurovision ("My Life" by Filipa Sousa)?
SM: I watched a video of all your finalists’ right before the National final and even then Filipa impressed me. She was amazing on stage, her song is very good, and I really liked her red dress. We are in the same semi with Filipa; I can't wait to meet her in Baku.

CE: After Eurovision, do you have any projects?
SM: I think I will have some holiday first, together with my son. We love our Bulgarian Sea. I am very busy now and I want to be a normal mom for a while after Eurovision. I'm preparing a new album for late this year. My new video together with Usatata just came out. It's called Reji go na 2 ,I hope you are gonna like it.

CE: Would you like to return one day to Eurovision?
SM: Of course if my fans want me to. I know they would love it; Eurovision is the biggest music show in the world. If I participate again I will perform a ballad.

Thank you, see you in Baku. I wish you good luck and lots of smiles. Don't forget to support Bulgaria!

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