Exclusive interview with the swiss band “Sinplus”!

How did Sinplus started?
We have been playing since we were young. Our parents love music. Our father played guitar too and he taught us how to play. We had our first band together at the age of 15 with another name. It was called "Infinity", and was a band with two of our friends. After they went to university they didn’t have time to play anymore, so we decided to start a new band—something that was me and my brother—three years ago.

Who are your musical inspirations and what kind of music do you generally listen?
We like every kind of music...But most of all rock n' roll. Music should come from the heart, in other words, has to give good vibes to the listener... Here are some of our favorite artists/bands: U2, Queen, Bob Marley, Green Day, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinad, Limp Bizkit…

Are you a regular follower of Eurovision, in other words, an ESC-fan? Got to Eurovision, representing your country, was always a dream?
We're not regular follower but... Who's not interested in one of the biggest Music Show in Europe?! It doesn't bring our favorite style of music... But the show it's amazing! Music has many qualities, among them the capacity to unite people…. Eurosong shows this is indeed the case.

What's the song that marked you most in the Eurovision’s history?
If we have to mention a favorite song, we would say “Waterloo” by ABBA. They show how also a small nation like Sweden has something to say. From there on, Sweden is one of the nations with the most talented bands and artists.

About your song, what could you tell us about it?
“Unbreakable” is, like all our songs, a thought that we try to translate to music. It’s not a classic Eurovision Song, it’s a fresh rock-pop song and it has great voice's and guitar's melody. The song brings a positive and universal message; it tells you that "You can do it", you can follow your dreams! In other words, you have to try, fighting bad life events and come out stronger. For us there’s also a personal meaning in the song. After surviving 10 years in the music business we feel a bit unbreakable :-)! Anyway, we want to send a positive message, seeing that in the difficult time we are all going through.

About your performance in May, do you have something, already, planned?

Work in progress ;-)).... We can tell you that’s going to be something fresh and energetic.

What would you feel if Switzerland were one of the 10 qualifiers on the first semi-final?
It's important for us to reach the final... Switzerland wasn't lucky in the last years!!! We believe in “Unbreakable” and being in the final would be just AMAZING!!!

Imagine that you win the great final of Eurovision 2012, what it would mean for you?
To be honest, be in the Eurovision Final is already a good start for us… Before the Swiss selections nobody knew us outside Switzerland. Now we're dealing with the most important labels and we've already scheduled a lot of big concerts. We're proud to represent Switzerland and we'll try our best....LET'S ROCK BAKU!!!

Have you heard any of the other songs in competition? What’s your favorite?
There's a high level this year… It won't be easy! If we have to choose one song, we would say Anggun with “Echo”!

What do you think about the song that Portugal will send to the Eurovision ("My Life" by Filipa Sousa)?
We didn't know Filipa Sousa before... She brings a kind of ballad. This is not our favorite music but she's a great singer, so we wish her all the best!

After the Eurovision, do you have any projects?

Well, we're preparing the release of our first LP "Disinformation", “Unbreakable” is the first single, and we've already scheduled a lot of big concerts all around Europe for our summer tour. We hope to find some gigs in Portugal too....

Would you like to return one day to Eurovision?
Why not?? Ciao :-)))

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