Interview with Aram MP3‏

Interview with Aram MP3‏ Armenia ESC 2014 (Entrevista com Aram MP3, Arménia ESC 2014, em inglês)

CE: How did you start your artistic life?
MP3: My parents took me to the choir classes when I was 11-12 years old. As a member of a big choir I was involved in regular rehearsals and was performing on different stages in Armenia. I remember that our choir had a concert at Opera House of Armenia, which is one of the biggest stages in the country. Singing at that concert hall was an impressive and lifetime experience for me as a teenager.

CE: Do you follow regularly the Eurovision? Which is your favourite Eurovision song of all time?
MP3: I started following Eurovision attentively since 2006, when Armenia joined the song contest.”Euphoria”, winning song of 2012 remains one of my favourites. I was very glad to know that Eurovision jury and fans shared my opinion. Till now I enjoy listening to that dance song and whenever I hear it on the radio I make it louder.

CE: Have you ever dreamed of being part of the Eurovision Song Contest?
MP3: Yes, I used to watch Eurovision on TV and have always wanted to perform from that big stage one day. Stages, big concert halls, audience, lights and music create the atmosphere where I feel comfortable. 

CE: How would you describe your Eurovision song? 
MP3: I sing songs because I have some message to deliver to the audience. People all over the world have similar emotions; they love their families and care about their dearest one. I decided to sing in English, so that my message can be shared with all Eurovision fans.

CE: Can we expect any surprise from you? Do you have any idea of how it is going to be your performance?
MP3: People usually expect a surprise show from me and are used to see some unusual mixture of styles and approaches. That is all about my image and of course you should expect my unique show in Denmark.

CE: How do you feel about the semifinal in which your country was placed?
MP3: I’m following entries carefully and can say that over the time entries for Eurovision are representing more diversity. I think participants who will take part in semi-final are quite professional and well prepared. Having strong competitors keeps me in tune and move on working.

CE: Do you have, until this date, any favourite music from other country in the contest?
MP3: I like mixture of genres and enjoy discovering new approaches in music. Attractive and hot girls from UK and Ukraine undoubtedly caught my attention and I can’t wait to meet them in Denmark.

CE: What do you expect from your Eurovision participation?
MP3: I’m in love with back stage and on stage stir, all that excitement connected with performance in front of wide public. Joining this big Eurovision family gives me chance to communicate with wider public, share my thoughts and get their positive energy.

CE: What is your opinion about the Portuguese route in the Eurovision? Do you remember any Portuguese participation?
MP3: I remember Portuguese entry for Eurovision in 2005, which was called “Amar”. I liked that rhythmic dance song. Apart from that, “Amar” in Armenian means “summer” and that is so cool that Eurovision helps different cultures to find something in common, even in this kind of cases.
I want to thank Armenian community in Portugal for their warm wishes and supportive messages they are sending me. I guess sunny Portugal makes people’s heart shine and be positive.

CE: Are there any new projects for the future?
MP3: Among future projects is the organization of Eurovision 2015 in Yerevan...:)) though before that I will be busy releasing my first solo album in 2014. 

Aram MP3 will represent Armenia at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the song Not Alone.

The images were provided by Aram MP3


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