[Especial] As reações ao cancelamento do ESC 2020

O anúncio que todos os eurofãs temiam aconteceu: o Festival Eurovisão da Canção (ESC) 2020 foi cancelado. Alguns dos artistas, apresentadores e responsáveis pelo certame já reagiram.

Devido à pandemia do novo coronavírus, o Covid-19, a European Broadcasting Union (EBU), organismo máximo de radiofusão, decidiu cancelar a edição deste ano do Festival Eurovisão da Canção (ESC) [AQUI]. Posto isto, são já muitos os artistas, apresentadores e responsáveis pela organização do Festival que se manifestaram nas suas redes sociais. Eis algumas das reações:

Elisa Silva e Marta Carvalho (representantes portuguesas)

Jeangu Macrooy (representante dos Países Baixos)

Samanta Tina (representante da Letónia)

The Mamas (representantes da Suécia)

We of course respect the decision that has now been made. During the current emergency crisis situation that we are all in, the problem is bigger than the fact that we can’t go to Rotterdam. Of course, we are incredibly sorry on a personal level that we and our song are now not allowed to compete in the world's largest music competition after winning the Swedish competition. We’ve so looked forward to being able to represent Sweden with Move. We hope that people continue to listen to our song with the message that we can move mountains together, something that feels extra relevant today when everyone has to take responsibility and do the right thing. If we help each other in this difficult time, maybe something good can come from it in the end. Our thoughts go out to the organizer of ESC, who has worked hard in the head-wind. Take care of each other! - The Mamas
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Gjon's tears (representante da Suíça)

Blas Cantó (representante de Espanha)

Tornike Kipiani (representante da Geórgia)

"Na minha opinião, a EBU tomou uma decisão bastante gentil e correcta."

Daði Freyr (representante da Islândia)

Vasil Garvanliev (representante da Macedónia do Norte)

Sietse Bakker (produtor executivo do ESC 2020)

Ben & Tan (representantes da Dinamarca)

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Damir Kedzo (representante da Croácia)

Eurovision je ostvarenje mog sna i jedva čekam stati i zapjevati na toj velikoj pozornici jednog dana. U normalnim uvjetima Eurovizija je veselje glazbe u kojem uživa Europa i veliki dio svijeta. Nastup u prosjeku gleda 180 milijuna ljudi koji uživaju u glazbi i različitosti glazbe i kulture i to je ljepota Eurovisiona . Uvjeti u kojima se trenutačno nazali svijet nisu ni veseli ni optimistični, zastrašujući su i prioritet je sačuvati zdravlje sebe , svojih bližnjih i svih ostalih ljudi oko nas. Zato pozdravljam odluku i jedva čekam završetak pandemije , a onda i nastup na Euroviziji 2021. u Rotterdamu. Volim vas. Čuvajte se. . . . Performing on Eurovision is a dream come true and I can't wait to stand and sing on that big stage one day. Under normal circumstances , Eurovision is a joy of music enjoyed by Europe and much of the world. The show is watched on average by 180 million people who enjoy music and , diversity of music , culture and that is the beauty of Eurovision. The conditions in which the world is currently are neither cheerful nor optimistic, they are daunting and it is a priority to preserve the health of ourselves , our loved ones and all the people around us. That is why I welcome the decision of cancellation and I cannot wait for the end of the pandemic and Eurovision 2021 performance in Rotterdam. Love you all. Take care
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Ulrikke (representante da Noruega)

Jan Smit (apresentador do ESC 2020)

Chantal Janzen (apresentadora do ESC 2020)

Edsilia Rombley (apresentadora do ESC 2020)

Destiny Chukunyere (representante de Malta)

The Roop (representantes da Lituânia)

THE ROOP press release about the cancellation of Eurovision in Rotterdam . Official news about the cancellation of this year’s Eurovision song contest reached THE ROOP. The band feels upset, yet understands that the current situation forces such decision. . “It is very sad; we don’t want to deny it. But health comes before any contests. We promise not to let our hands down and continue to promote our song and dance around the world. Currently the song is starting to reach foreign radio stations. We noticed that “On Fire” is very well liked and its path to people’s hearts is just beginning”, - says THE ROOP leader Vaidotas Valiukevičius. . The band calls everyone to remain united. Stay in quarantine and spread your good mood with “On Fire” dance at home and on your balconies. . “We managed to create something that unites people and spreads positivity. It is very much needed now. And remember that it is not the contest that gives meaning to the song, but the listeners. So, each and every one of us can be an “On Fire” ambassador and promote it”, - says THE ROOP drummer Robertas Baranauskas. . “This year Lithuania was rated very high and that is an achievement in itself. We already proved that we can be notable, brave, professional and leading. We wish all to remain that way in their lives,” – said THE ROOP guitarist Mantas Banišauskas. . The band is not aware of the future of the contest. Would they have an opportunity to participate next year, or will new selection take place? Everything will be clear in the nearest future. Currently THE ROOP members remain in quarantine and use their time at home for writing new songs. The band does not plan to slow down and will continue promoting their music. . THE ROOP wishes everyone health and unity in this difficult period. . Photo: Paulius Zaborskis #theroop #eurovizija #eurovision #theroopisonfire #onfire #STILLonfire #eurovision2020 #theroop #onfire #theroopisonfire #eurovizija #eurovizija2020 #esc2020 #esc
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Victoria Georgieva (representante da Bulgária)

Sandro Nicolas (representante do Chipre)

Samira Efendi (representante do Azerbaijão)

Go_A (representantes da Ucrânia)

Привіт, друзі! ⠀ Певне, ви вже бачили, що цьогоріч Євробачення скасовано через зрозумілі причини. ⠀ Але ми раді вам повідомити, що все ж таки представлятимемо Україну наступного року на Євробаченні 2021 року. ⠀ Телеканали UA: ПЕРШИЙ та СТБ 2021 року додатковий національний відбір не проводитимуть. Про це зазначено на офіційній сторінці Євробачення в Україні ⠀ Ми дуже вдячні кожному з вас за підтримку і шалені емоції, що ви нам подарували. За віру у себе і переможний дух. За те, що перевернули наш світ і стали уже такою близькою музичною родиною! ⠀ Бережіть себе та рідних, слідкуйте за здоров’ячком! А коли ситуація стабілізується - обов’язково зустрінемося на концертах та фестивальних майданчиках. ⠀ Любими вас! Ваші Go_A
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Little Big (representantes da Rússia)

Наверняка вы уже слышали, что Евровидение-2020 отменяется в связи с глобальной эпидемией. Мы сожалеем, но так же считаем, что это единственное правильное решение в сложившейся ситуации. С момента объявления нас участниками конкурса, мы ощутили невероятную поддержку со стороны соотечественников и зарубежных слушателей – спасибо каждому, кто смотрел наш клип, слушал песню UNO и верил в нашу победу! Пусть CorUNOvirus продолжается несмотря на коронавирус! ⠀ For sure, you have heard that Eurovision-2020 is cancelled due to COVID-19 worldwidespread. We regret about it and we also assume that this is the only proper decision in such a situation. Since we were announced as participants, we experienced a huge support from our fans around the whole world. We thank each one of you who listened to UNO, watched music video and believed in our victory! Let corUNOvirus continue despite any danger of real virus!
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Senhit (representante de São Marino)

Diodato (representante da Itália)

Hurricane (representantes da Sérvia)

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VAL (duo representante da Bielorrússia)

Дорогие друзья! Хотим выразить вам огромную благодарность за поддержку в этот трудный для всех фанатов и участников Евровидения день. Европейскому вещательному союзу пришлось принять сложное решение о переносе конкурса на 2021 год. Мы надеемся, что всем участникам этого года дадут возможность принять участие в следующем. Будет ли это с новыми песнями или же нет - это уже другой вопрос, в любом случае, мы настроены позитивно, и обещаем, что будем творить на полную в ближайшее время! ⠀ Dear friends! We want to thank everybody for your amazing support in this hard day for every Eurovision fan and participant. EBU had to make a difficult choice to postpone the contest till 2021. We hope that every artist who was chosen to represent their country this year will make it to the next Eurovision. It’s currently unknown if the songs are gonna be changed or not. Anyway, we are looking forward to writing and producing new songs ASAP! #esc2020 #eurovision #valmusic #davidna #belarus #openup
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Montaigne (representante da Austrália)

Imagem: FonkOnline

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